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The latest release of Hudl Replay includes an exciting new feature - Live Output Reports. This brand-new function makes in-game analysis and review processes more efficient and flexible. It just got even easier to find winning strategies on the fly.

Hudl Replay enables coaches and analysts to analyze and review critical game situations and drive live in-game decision-making by sending live video and data feeds from the analyst computer to the iPad on the sideline.

Custom code windows in Hudl Sportscode provide analysts with a flexible and user-friendly way of tagging important moments. These instances can be shared with Replay for immediate pitch-side review and analysis on any iPad in your stadium, arena or training center.

The new Live Output Report feature allows analysts to export live-updating highly-customizable graphical reports to Replay. The Reports designed in a Sportscode Code Window leverage Sportscode scripting and can be tailored specifically to the preferences of analysts and coaches.

Not only can these reports be used to visualize and monitor specific KPIs, the Output Reports also allow quick navigation to the video that really matters. Coaches and Analysts on the sidelines now have an even better way to validate game plans, identify weaknesses, review relevant information and brief athletes quickly without having to overcome communication barriers and having to dig through data and videos to find what matters.

Key aspects of the new Live Report functionality are:

  • No more reliance on third party server tools like MAMP (You can now simply share the Output Report to a shared folder)
  • Intuitively access the Output Reports via Replay’s video player sidebar menu.
  • Ability to watch the videos associated with KPIs.
  • Easy navigation through video with the native Replay player.
  • Sending specific instances, accessed via Output Reports, to playlists in Hudl Replay
  • Multi-angle support.
  • Ability to watch playlists created from Output Reports whilst Replay is disconnected from Sportscode.
Watch the new Live Report functionality for Hudl Replay in action

Hudl Senior Product Manager Jörg Stadelmann commented:

“Through our customer centric approach to product development, our goal is to make live analysis more efficient and flexible to enhance our users’ workflow,” said Stadelmann. “We are proud of the recent advancements in Hudl Replay; in the last few months we were not only able to lay a solid technical foundation to provide customer value in quick succession, we also shipped a variety of enhancements like Live Sharing Latency Improvements, Coach Tagging or Enhanced Video Controls like SlowMo and Zoom.

Live Output Reports is the latest feature to be released in the product and after receiving good feedback in the beta phase we are excited for this public release. The product team is already working on the next enhancements within Replay and Sportscode and we look forward to releasing these in due course.”