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Code an Instance in Hudl Replay

Code an instance from within Hudl Replay and automatically sync it back to Hudl Sportscode.

  1. Connect Hudl Sportscode to Hudl Replay.

  2. Select the session you wish to watch from the dropdown.

  3. Tap Start Watching.

  4. As the video plays, tap the code button when you see a moment you want to tag.

    You can pause and scrub through the video to add codes as well.

  5. This process can also be done in full screen mode. Tap the full screen icon, then the code button to tag an instance.

    Any instance created in Hudl Replay will be 20 seconds in length - 10 seconds lead time and 10 seconds lag time.

  6. Return to split screen mode and tap Instances to see the instance you created.

  7. Navigate back to Hudl Sportscode. You’ll see a new row titled “Coach Review” followed by your name. The instance(s) you created will be in that row.

    If Replay is offline when you code the instance, it will sync with Hudl Sportscode when both are connected to the same network again.

  8. Feel free to change the name of the row in Hudl Sportscode. The tags from Replay will still populate in that row, and the name of the row will sync back to Hudl Replay.

Adjust the Default Length of Instances Tagged in Replay

  1. Tap the gear icon.

  2. Tap Configuration.

  3. Edit lead and lag time to desired duration.

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