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The latest release of Hudl Replay adds a new functionality which allows users to zoom in on important game situations and play them back in slow motion.

Hudl Replay enables users to analyze and review critical game situations in real time. In-game decision making is driven by sending live video and data feeds from the analyst computer to an iPad on the sideline.

Custom code windows in Hudl Sportscode provide analysts with a flexible and user-friendly way of tagging important in-game instances.. These instances can be shared with Replay for immediate pitch-side review and analysis on any iPad in your stadium, arena or training center.

​​The new Zoom feature now allows coaches, analysts and medics to see every detail of every action. Not only can coaches and analysts review game situations with more granularity, but also medics can get a better idea of injury mechanisms. To quote one of our beta testers: “Zoom and Slow Motion are an extremely powerful combination for a variety of staff concerned with technical/tactical analyses or player welfare.”

Key aspects of the new Zoom functionality are:

  • Double-tapping on the video zooms in vision 2x, further double-tapping zooms in 3x and a third double-tap restores the default zoom level.
  • Zooming happens on a per-angle basis.
  • Zoom level persists when navigating to full screen.

Key aspects of the new Slow Motion functionality are:

  • Long pressing the slow motion button plays the video slowly as long as the button is held.
  • If the video is paused and the button is held down, the video will play in slow motion and then return into the paused state.
With the latest update, Hudl Replay adds a new functionality that allows users to zoom on clips and play them back in slow motion.

Hudl Senior Product Manager Jörg Stadelmann commented:

“At Hudl our customers are at the center of everything we do. We recognize that there are game situations which demand microscopic analysis and review to support the decision making of coaches, analysts and medics,” said Stadelmann.

“We are proud of the recent advancements in Hudl Replay. In the last few months, we were able to deliver enhancements like Live Sharing Latency Improvements or Coach Tagging. Zoom and Slow Motion are the latest features to be released in the product.

The product team is already working on major enhancements within Replay and we look forward to releasing these later in the year.”

Click here to request a Hudl Replay demo and check out our comprehensive tutorial guide.