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In this update from the Hudl Next event, Senior Product Director for Elite, Pooja Naidu, reviews recent updates in the Hudl Pro Suite and previews the soon-to-be-released features across match analysis along with scouting and recruitment.

Watch the presentation in full here or see the bite-size videos in the blog below.

Match Analysis - Hudl Sportscode


Insight, recently announced at Hudl Next, is our brand new feature for Hudl Sportscode users that will allow you to quickly generate contextual insights across single or multiple games without the need for manual coding. It automatically generates customized insights from event and tracking data to save you from having to code.

Visualization Reports

We wanted to improve the reporting and visualization tools for Hudl Sportscode to save you valuable time and effort in no longer having to export data to third-party visualization tools.

We now have charts and soon-to-be-released heatmaps to visually provide positional context to events that happen in a game.

Stats Window - Coming soon

We’ll soon be adding the stats window to allow deeper analysis through the manipulation and analysis of data.

The stats window will allow you to execute a standard analysis template where data is more suited to representation in a table than an output window, where a user would have to create a table from buttons manually.

Advanced Find - Coming soon

With a much-improved user interface, you will have the ability to create custom searches in the ‘find’ window with a wide range of filters to find key moments across large data sets.

You will also be able to search across any timeline, database, or custom selection of sources across all codes, label groups, and or notes.

Remote Coding

Looking ahead, in the area of live analysis, we will give you the ability to effectively code games remotely and make data and video available in-venue to increase the club's operational efficiency, saving time, and adding analytical firepower.

League Exchange

With the fast upload of League Exchange content from Hudl Sportscode to the Hudl.com team library, we will save you time so you can quickly share your analysis.

Previously, we launched the ability to download League Exchange games from Hudl Sportscode. Now you will be able to download games, make edits to the timeline, and upload them straight to the Hudl library in seconds.

Match Analysis - Hudl Replay

Output Reports

In February, we released live output reports in Replay. This new function makes in-game analysis and review processes more efficient and flexible. Live updating, highly customizable graphic reports can easily be exported to Replay.

Instance Viewer

And now It just got even easier to gain crucial insights pitch-side. The new Instance Viewer was the logical next step after releasing live output reports in Replay earlier this year.

You can play back instances with your own progress bar, to make it more efficient to navigate to key aspects of specific situations.

Match Analysis - Studio

We’ve worked hard to make Studio even better, giving you more firepower to take your telestration to the next level.

Move Player Tool Improvements

You are now able to move a player to multiple touchpoints in one movement. And when you play back you can see the player, make these movements. You can now edit, select player frame and remove unwanted elements to touch up any graphics within the frame as required.

Coach Mode

Coach Mode allows our coaches to communicate ideas and improve athlete engagement by adding graphics to video clips in real-time during pre and post-match analysis meetings.