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The world’s biggest library of football video and data.

And it’s all available on one platform.

Storage Video and Performance Stats

We collect data and video from more than 600 competitions worldwide.

It’s never been more important to make evidence-based decisions. With Wyscout, you can flag potential targets and evaluate them through video before sending scouts to see them.

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Youth Competitions Pack

Don’t miss the next breakthrough star.

Gain access to an extensive range of the best youth football around the world, including exclusive tournaments, to take your scouting and player development programs to new heights.

Wyscout Youth Soccer Players
Urawa Reds Technical Director Tsutomu Nishino using the Wyscout platform on a computer
Wyscout at Urawa

Finding hidden gems.

J-League club Urawa Reds have modernized their scouting department’s recruiting workflow by introducing Wyscout.

Search and Query Tools

All the tools you need in one place.

Wyscout’s intuitive search and query tools allow you to easily navigate through performance and career data, reports and videos.

Advanced search to find the right players

Players lists for easier comparison

Shadow teams help you create shortlists

“We have a team of full-time video ana­lysts who work exclu­sive­ly with Wyscout, so that we’re not wast­ing trav­el time, air­fares, hotels. We can see a lot of good or bad attrib­ut­es in the play­ers from the Wyscout footage.”
John Marshall
Head of Recruitment, Wolverhampton Wanderers
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It only takes a few clicks.

Get every piece of data you need with Wyscout Reports. You’ll have analysis on competitions, matches, teams and players, with highly-detailed stats and metrics.

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