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Be ready for your next challenge.

With Wyscout, you can study the tactics of both your team and your opponents.

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Level up your game.

We empower football professionals with everything they need to enhance their skills and stay up-to-date on global football developments.

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Playlist and Draw

Analyze your latest matches.

Quickly find the clips you want to learn from, highlight individual movements and other game situations, then save it as a playlist, all in just a few clicks.

Wyscout at National League Budget

Premier League Analysis on a National League Budget

Learn from up-and-coming club Solihull Moors, who use Wyscout for a range of coaching aspects both on and off the pitch.

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Solihull’s Head of Analysis, Megan Reesby


Get in-depth data.

With reports from Wyscout, including highly-detailed statistics and metrics on matches, teams and players, you and your staff can create better game plans.

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Shadow Team

Organize your lineup.

Get the visualization you need and keep an eye on the organization of your team. Choose your squad, the best players for each position in your preferred formation, or any possible substitution to get a detailed overview of your lineup.

Videos and Stats

Improve your youth players.

Whether it’s reviewing their own performances, or analyzing footage of the best players in the world, Wyscout’s video and data coverage allows you to easily create the playlists your players need to develop.

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