Hudl are pleased to release new recommendations to enhance the reliability of Hudl Replay while connecting wirelessly.

Since Hudl Replay was launched in 2018, teams have primarily been using the live analysis product over networks with continuous hardwired connections; however, Hudl appreciates that consistent and reliable infrastructure at home and away match venues and training facilities is not always possible. This presents a challenge where connectivity is a barrier to using wireless applications to enhance analysis workflows.

Product Manager Paul Arnott commented:

“We are delighted that Hudl Replay now works solidly over wireless networks, allowing users to get video and Hudl Sportscode analysis to coaches wherever they are: in the stadium — at home or on the road — or at training.

“We've been working with teams in the UK, Germany, France, USA and New Zealand over the last few months to put Hudl Replay through its paces in stadiums and training facilities with a variety of different network setups, and we're now rolling out our wireless solutions globally.”

The French Football Federation (FFF) recently tested Replay over wireless during National Team games against Sweden and Croatia and Thierry Marszalek, Head of Video Analysis at the FFF commented:

“Our aim is to work with maximum autonomy but each match gives us different challenges.

“In our last two games we used Hudl Replay over WiFi. We were able to quickly deploy the solution when we arrived in the stadium and be operational very quickly.

“The application now allows me to share the video feedback I want with staff on the bench. The doctor, who manages the tablet on the bench, gives live information to the coach and his assistant, which allows them greater objectivity in their decisions. The Replay app also allowed us to be more responsive and organised in our half-time feedback.

“Hudl Replay is a tool that now takes an important place in our work process on match days.”

The hardware recommendation for Hudl Replay over wireless includes the Ruckus Unleashed R610, T610 or T710 wireless access point, and supports the following environments:

If you are capturing video with an Antrica encoder, you can configure the encoder to generate feeds to IP addresses within the address range of the wireless network.

“Every stadium setup is different and physical barriers and competing wireless networks have the potential to influence these recommendations,” said Arnott. “The Ruckus devices have the ability to connect via a wireless mesh so are flexible for most environments, but if you have any questions, or your environment doesn't line up with one of the three scenarios above, please reach out to Hudl Elite Support to talk through a solution.”

United Soccer League team Union Omaha have a more difficult logistical challenge. Their match venue is a minor league baseball stadium and on match day they need to get video captured in one corner of the stadium to coaches with Hudl Replay on the opposite touchline. They achieved this with our recommended wireless setup and Head Coach & Technical Director Jay Mims has been using Replay for the last few matches.

"Hudl is such a great resource. They are a company that is very innovative and continue to strive to be on the front foot of new technology to assist teams.  Hudl replay is a great example and it has been a wonderful tool for us to be able to use on the bench and make us more efficient as we break down moments as they happen live."

Further exciting enhancements to Hudl Replay are due to be released in the coming months, including the ability to configure which instances are shared from Hudl Sportscode and a reduction in the time it takes to get video to coaches.

If you're interested in learning more about how Hudl Replay can help with your live analysis workflows, contact us.