All four programs competing in the 2021 Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament leveraged Hudl products for in-game video review and analysis.

Early season tournaments are an exciting way for top programs to test their mettle against other elite squads before the rigorous conference slate.

One of the most prestigious tournaments is the Hall of Fame Cheez-It Tip-Off tournament, a Division I men’s basketball competition held annually in November. 

Though the field is small, the stage couldn’t be bigger. The ‘21 Tip-Off teams featured Top 25 mainstays with post-season ambitions, including North Carolina, Purdue, Tennessee and Villanova. Expect one—if not all four—to be competing for a conference title before Selection Sunday rolls around.

The 2021-2022 season is the first year the NCAA is allowing live video analysis to be used on the bench via a waiver process. This past November, three of the four programs in the HoF Tip-Off Tournament used Hudl Replay for in-game instant replay on the bench. 

The Hudl team was on-site at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville (Conn.) to provide support for each team.

Hudl Replay combines the most trusted, and most powerful sports analysis platform in Hudl Sportscode with fast, dynamic video review tools right to the sidelines for teams that are committed to finding a winning edge in the heat of competition.

In environments such as these, speed and efficiency are a must. Hudl Replay delivers seamless video and data integration that fits any workflow. The technology facilitates clear channels of communication and increased collaboration amongst the coaching staff to affect in-game decisions.

Coaches and players can use iPads on the bench to watch clips and playlists during timeouts or substitutions to better execute the scouting report and make educated adjustments. Now, coaches can clearly pinpoint tactical changes—like defensive rotations or offensive execution—faster than ever.

New features for Hudl Replay include zooming and slow-motion video playback as well as live output reports to measure and monitor key performance metrics and stats. 

This event proved the speed, efficiency and reliability of Hudl Replay meets the needs of Division I teams looking to compete at the highest level.

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