Insight, our new advanced data analysis solution for Hudl Sportscode is available now.  

With Insight, you can automatically generate customized data and analysis insights, leveraging multiple angles of video, event and tracking data in one place to enhance tactical and recruitment decisions without the need for manual coding. 

Learn more about Insight or request a demo now.  

Insight was launched at our Hudl Next - Evolution of Sportscode event earlier this year. You can now watch the full presentation on-demand.

Get Started with Insight

Deep Dive Webinar

Check out our on-demand webinar with Hudl Regional Director of Customer Solutions, Austin Fuller, who takes a deep dive into Insight. (Viewing Time: 10 mins)

How can I get Insight? 

Insight works seamlessly with Hudl Sportscode for Elite license holders. To upgrade your package or request a demo contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

Which version of Hudl Sportscode does Insight work with?

To integrate your systems with Insight, you will need to update to the latest and most powerful version of Hudl Sportscode 12.4.9 (released 20 July).

Downloading Insight

You can download Insight here.

Where can I learn more about using Insight?

Check out our comprehensive resource centre.

Which sports work with Insight?

Currently, Insight has been optimized for football (soccer) and approved for its recent launch.

How do I level up my analysis with Insight?

Take the new Hudl Academy course for Insight. You can sign up to Hudl Academy here.