Studio is a powerful and dynamic new graphics tool that seamlessly integrates with Hudl Sportscode, and  the full range of Hudl Pro Suite products.

Studio has been designed and engineered to specifically address visualization needs of analysts and coaches to empower them with professional tools that can quickly and effectively enhance their analysis workflows. 

In this article, we take a deep dive into some of the key features of Studio and the benefits it adds to your tactical analysis.

Importing clips and navigating the Studio platform

With your Hudl Sportscode playlist open, simply select the clips you want to import using the usual hotkeys (control + shift), click the ‘add graphics button’, and they will immediately be transferred to Studio. No matter how many clips you select, there will be no delay in this seamless import process. Check out the short clip below to see how quick and easy it is.

A first look at artificial intelligence in Studio

Artificial intelligence and the computer vision algorithm detects the chroma key automatically and calibrates the pitch, reducing the time-consuming set-up process required with many 3rd party telestration softwares. This AI also automates the player tracking so users no longer need to manually track players when adding graphics. Simply highlight the player and computer vision will do the rest. See example in the clip below. 

Drawing tools in Studio

Studio allows you to add professional, dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in your video packages. Graphics can be both two-dimensional and three-dimensional tools and you can pre-set graphical styles and conventions to further speed up the process. In the clip below, you can see how computer vision allows you to add a bounding box to a player with one click, then track the player on the timeline with another. A huge reduction in manual labour time.

The ‘move player’ tool

Visual learning is a great way to engage players and help translate the key coaching points and improving communication with enhanced visual feedback is a trusted visual learning tool. In Studio you can place a pose with one click on a player while having the move player tool active. The below example shows how you can highlight a key pass opportunity using this tool. You can also add drawings such as arrows and highlight zones on the pitch where you want the pass to land. These principles can be used in any facet of the match, for example, defender movements can also be tracked in the exact same way.

Fully customizable telestration solution

There is a large range of properties that you can change the appearance of your drawings and also create your own design language conventions to best express your personal analysis and you pre-set graphical styles and conventions to make future projects quicker and easier but also consistent.

Tracking an attacking player here via a 'key pass' opportunity.
You can also track a defensive player as seen in the clip above.

Switch camera angles with ease

When you import clips to Studio from Hudl Sportscode they get placed in the playlist panel and from there you can easily switch between camera angles. Switch between tactical and wide angles depending on what best suits your analysis. Adding telestration graphics to one camera angle is automatically replicated on the other camera angles - allowing you to do the work once but convey the same feedback message from alternate camera angles. 

Connectivity with Wyscout API

The ‘teams tool’ in Studio allows you to create naming labels for your players, which appear on pitch next to the linked player. You can create as many labels as you want and save them as a team. If your Wyscout API is integrated with Studio, it will allow you to search for any team worldwide, with full data including the last 20 matches a team has played. This adds further time-saving benefits where you no longer need to manually add player names. Simply drag and drop from the menu.

Search from thousands of teams in the Wyscout database.
Step up your analysis another level by seeing the past 20 matches of any player by connecting Studio with Wyscout's API.

Present your analysis with external monitors without delay

In Studio, you can take the analysis you are working from and move it easily to an external monitor with one simple drag of the mouse. This allows you to present your analysis on the external monitor, while simultaneously continuing to work on your telestration on your original screen. This allows you to co-produce the analysis with fellow analysts or coaching staff as you collaborate on the key coaching points and adjust the telestration in real-time.

“We are so delighted to unveil the latest addition to Hudl Sportscode and the Pro Suite,” said Hudl Director of R&D Franco Puppo. “Studio will provide huge time savings and smarter workflows for analysts and coaches who already use telestration, but we are also excited about how this will now provide access to users who never had the chance to create broadcast-quality graphics for analysis presentations.”

Studio will be available in May for Hudl Sportscode Elite users, and we continue building out our tools, features, and functionality for other sports and products over the coming months.

You can learn more about Studio in our dedicated blog with all relevant information to download it and make the most out of it.

To View Studio's launch from Day 1 of Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis in 2021 click here.