Studio - Available Now

Studio is our powerful and dynamic new telestration tool that seamlessly integrates with the full range of Hudl Pro Suite products.

Studio is available now for Hudl Sportscode Elite license holders. Check out the following guide to get started!

This brand new tool has been designed and engineered to specifically address the visualization needs of analysts and coaches in order to empower them with professional tools that can quickly and effectively enhance their analysis workflows.

With Studio, Hudl Sportscode users can now quickly add professional, dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in your video packages.

Get Started with Studio

What Hudl Sportscode license do I need?

Studio works seamlessly with Hudl Sportscode for Elite license holders only. To upgrade your license contact your Account Executive or Customer Success Manager.

Which version of Hudl Sportscode does Studio work with?

You will need to update to the latest version of Hudl Sportscode 12.2.41 (released 18th May) to operate Studio.

How can I get Studio?

You can download Studio here.

Which sports work with Studio?

Currently, Studio has been optimized for football (soccer) and approved for its recent launch. Within the Studio app, there is clear guidance around other sports functionality and supported features. Some features work for other sports but the experience is currently untested and may be suboptimal. 

Which package will I need to take advantage of the Wyscout integration?

The Wyscout integration feature is available to all users with a Wyscout package.

Where can I learn more about using Studio?

Check out our comprehensive tutorial pages.

How do I level up my analysis with Studio?

Take the new Hudl Academy course for Studio. You can sign up to Hudl Academy here.

To learn more you can watch an on-demand demo here.

You can also read our comprehensive blog which takes a deep dive into some of the key features of Studio and the benefits it will bring to your tactical analysis.