With in-game instant replay’s inevitabil­i­ty across the NCAA, the Florida Gators turned to Hudl Replay as their solution for conference play. Director of Scouting and Video Operations Cameron Kinzer talks about how they integrated it into their gameday workflow. 

“When we had the opportunity to kind of pick what bench technology we wanted this year, it was a no brainer to switch to [Hudl] Replay.” Cameron Kinzer, Director of Scouting and Video Operations, University of Florida women’s basketball.

For the first time, the Southeastern Conference is allowing teams to utilize in-game instant replay on the bench during conference play. Immediately after the ruling passed, Cameron Kinzer and the Florida Gators knew that Hudl’s all-in-one solution was a perfect fit.

“We do everything out of [Hudl] Sportscode,” said Kinzer, a seven year veteran in the performance analysis space– who has been using Sportscode since day one. “It's created a more efficient and effective workflow for myself and our staff, our coaches, and our players. From reviewing our practice film, our game film, opponent scout film… it's essential.”

For a team that’s so ingrained in a connected suite of tools, when integrating a solution for in-game analysis, Kinzer knew immediately that Hudl Replay would become a seamless part of their game day workflow. “We're already live coding every game. The data is there, it's user friendly and it's made for coaches. It's simple to use and it's easy to navigate and the film is instantaneous,” said Kinzer. With Hudl Replay, “It puts a visual to the numbers that we've been charting on the bench for a number of years.”

Those in-game decisions can be the difference between wins and losses. And in one of the most competitive conferences in basketball, those in-game insights are crucial. “The recent addition of live output reports on the tablets is just going to really change the game for us in games,” said Kinzer.

“With your output window, you know you can look at very specific things that you value. So for us we might look at shot charts for us and for our opponent to see where we're getting our best shots and where they might be getting their best shots and counteract that. The neat part about that is that you can then go in and see those individual clips as well, so you can provide examples to your coach, provide examples to their players on the bench to make those adjustments.”

Kinzer didn’t just stop with Replay. UF looked at ways to gain an edge over their opponents, and they turned to Hudl and its state-of-the-art league exchange tool.

In the modern era of sports performance, it’s no secret that video is at the heart of successful teams. Kinzer and the Gators know it’s important to not just provide staff members access to insight, but individual athletes as well. “I think our players, in this generation of players, you know, they're always ingesting film and video, whether it's on social media or on Hudl,”  For them to feel comfortable to ask me to share specific edits with them. They're taking ownership of their development. They're taking ownership of our team's development,” Kinzer added. [It’s] just another way that Hudl’s allowing us to create a more efficient and effective workflow with providing the resources to our coaches and our players to see what they need to see to improve.”