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Frequently Asked Questions

WIMU Pro is a unique sport tracking wearable device to measure performance metrics. Providing the highest accuracy and relevant performance insights for data-informed decisions.

The WIMU PRO system features a complete environment to control every aspect involved in the physical performance on and off the pitch.

WIMU stands for “wearable inertial measurement unit” and that is the WIMU Pro device, a small hybrid wearable unit developed to gather information related to physical performance. It is placed in a small pocket located in the upper back of a sport vest wore by the athlete. The WIMU Pro device measures more than 250 variables and collects 20.000 per second.

Smart Station A rigid suitcase that features not just to carry out up to 28 WIMU Pro device but other relevant functionalities. The name of the docking station is Smart Station due to the possibility to charge the devices all at once, upload and download information and set up the roster who will use the system in a particular session.

SPRO – Analytical software. The faster and most complete analytical software of WIMU Pro is called SPRO. SPRO receives the data gathered by the WIMU Pro device and allows to analyze and study every single data collected during the training sessions. The system features different pre-defined monitors to facilitate the experience of the user but the possibility to analyze the data is endless. SPRO brings the possibility to synchronize video files with the sessions.

SVIVO – Real time visualization data software. The best software to explore tactical, physical and physiological analysis, thanks to the ANT+ Protocol. SVIVO without WiFi or any other connection. Save the drills in SVIVO, transfer them to SPRO, and upload to the WIMU CLOUD 2.0. WIMU ecosystem facilitates the data transfer between different stakeholders of the performance staff.

WIMU CLOUD 2.0 The brand-new cloud analytics environment that redefines data visualization. Create dashboards with a suite of widgets that promote data storytelling and generate the performance insights to answer the most complex sport performance questions.

The WIMU Pro system is an open and versatile system due to the WIMU Pro hybrid device that integrates inertial sensors hub integrated that allow the system to perform at its maximum level in any sport.

Researching is a cornerstone for the WIMU project. As for researching purposes, the WIMU Pro system has been proven to be the perfect tool to develop researching studies, thesis and academic papers. WIMU shows an outstanding performance when it comes to researching due to the its powerful technology that allows to obtain up to 20.000 data per second from 250 different variables. Actually, several academic papers and studies of different sport branches and applications can be found in researching websites and universities.

WIMU Pro measures more than 250 variables derived from GNSS and inertial sensors. Find some of these metrics listed as follow:

Total distance, distance per minute, high speed running (HSR), high metabolic load distance (HMLD), current speed, maximum speed, sprint distance, no. of sprints, accelerations, decelerations, step balance, player load, no. of impacts, no. of jumps, centripetal force.

To ensure the highest quality of EPTS devices, FIFA has developed a rigorous quality program to ensure the quality of the EPTS systems. The successful completion of the program provides the IMS (International Match Standard) certificate. WIMU PRO has the certificate since 2018, being the first device to receive it. In addition, the WIMU Pro device has been and is subjected to numerous validity and reliability studies by independent universities.

WIMU Pro was developed alongside a Sport Science department that collaborates in research and development purposes and provide continuous assistance to WIMU users on a daily basis. The department also develops and manage the WIMU Academy platform that contains EPTS certificate courses and WIMU courses to become an expert in the sport technologies.

WIMU Pro provides connectivity to different external devices by different cutting-edge communication technologies such as ANT+, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

In addition, the configuration of the thresholds of the different variables provided by system is fully customizable as the WIMU Pro system gather RAW DATA from the integrated sensors.

SPRO software features a video synchronization option. Thus, the video format can be synchronized with the session data. This feature enriches the quality of the data obtained within the session and leads to a better understanding of the performance insights.

The security of WIMU users’ data is a priority for WIMU. Thus, WIMU Sports undertakes to protect the information provided by our clients and collected by our system. The company protects the data with a strong data encryption and relies on the most secured server and cloud service in the world provided by Amazon Web Service. Likewise, Realtrack Systems complies with the RGPD and has the ISO 270001 and ISO 27701 certificates.

WIMU Pro Device

The most cutting-edge technologies integrate the WIMU PRO hybrid (GNSS/LPS) device featuring 4 x 3D accelerometers up to 1000HZ, 3 x gyroscopes, up to 1000Hz, 3D magnetometer (100Hz), barometer (120 kPa) among many other features. Check the specifications of the WIMU Pro device here.

Yes. In fact, WIMU is considered an open system due to its integration and adaptability to connect with external technologies that use ANT+ communication protocol such as HR monitors, Muscle Oxygen Saturation sensors, analytical software (SAP, Power BI, BeSoccer Pro, etc.), optical tracking system, among many other technologies.

At what sampling frequency do the different sensors work?

The inertial sensors of the WIMU pro device can work at different sampling frequencies (10hz, 100hz, 500hz and 1000hz). In addition, from the Smart Station we can select the sampling frequency of the devices, in the “Set All Freq” option.

Yes, you could. The WIMU Pro device was developed to give its maximum performance as a single device or as a kit. Likewise, a cable USB type is necessary to connect the device to your device to upload and download data or charge it.

The WIMU Smart Station functionality allows to upload and download data as well as charge all the devices at once. The Smart Station also includes other functionalities such as set up your team or choose among rosters.

Yes, the WIMU Pro device features a multiplayer option that allows to assigning the same device to different players from the Smart Station, SPRO software or the WIMU Cloud platform.

Smart Station

Yes, indeed. The WIMU Pro system features a docking station called Smart Station that integrates further functionalities than just charge and carry the devices. It integrates software to set up the devices, select a predefined roster, upload and download data. The Smart Station has a capacity of up to 28 devices.

Yes, you can. The Smart Station provides an option to select a predefined roster. Once you have selected this option, you can set the team required and it will automatically set each device to the player previously assigned.


SVIVO is a real time visualization data software where the user can watch the performance of the players on the pitch in real time as well as watch the position, distance between them, speed among other variables.

The software includes different maps to visualize positioning, distance and areas of action of the players with maps such as Heatmap, Voronoi, depth map, etc.

WIMU integrates ANT+ communication technology to connect with real time visualization data SVIVO software. The only requirement is to connect the ANT+ mini USB antenna to the tablet/laptop and it is on.

The flexibility featured by the WIMU Pro system allows to interact in real time within the sessions. Thus, it is possible to set customizable alarms to control a particular task or exercise in real time.

SVIVO integrates a function to set up automatic changes. For example, if a player leaves the delimited area where the task or exercise is taking part, SVIVO will automatically pause the time action of that player hence we would obtain the active time during the session.

There are more than 30 different variables to choose from with different display modes. There are more than 30 variables that can be displayed through different display modes in SVIVO.

Yes, indeed. WIMU is a fully integrated system hence its software and components communicate between each other.


SPRO is a software designed to obtain the most advanced analysis of your training sessions. SPRO includes different monitors fully capable of monitoring the activity of athletes in many different sports actions. In addition, each user can customize its monitors depending on its needs.

SPRO provides the best technologies to analyse your data automatically through the metrics collected by the WIMU Pro device and SPRO monitors The monitors are session analysis application formats. These monitors provide adjustable thresholds.

Highly demanded monitors are integrated in SPRO such as Intervals Pro, Worst Case Scenarios or Steps monitor among others.

You can perform different analysis in a single session such as session for players, goalkeepers, Worst Case Scenarios, Speed Acceleration Profile.

In addition, it is possible to perform different jump tests, execution speed, direction changes or movement ranges of different joints.

SPRO integrates a function called GIS to perform in-depth analysis of players’ movements on the pitch, distance between players, zone of action of the player, heat maps, etc.

SPRO provides a function to add videos and synchronize it with the session data. Both data and video are synchronized. Thus, this function becomes relevant for the user as it allows to contextualize the data by making a deep analysis of any specific moment of the game.

You can export data from SPRO to Excel, CSV, PDF and WIMU Cloud

WIMU Cloud

WIMU Cloud is the brand-new cloud analytics environment that redefines data visualization.

Create dashboards with a suite of widgets that promote data storytelling and generate the performance insights to answer the most complex sport performance questions.

In order to access to the WIMU Cloud server just click on the following link and log in with your username and password provided by the club.

You can create as many teams and players as you need, unlimited.

WIMU Cloud provides predefined reports such as HRV, Steps, daily and evolutionary reports among others. In addition, it is possible to generate fully customizable dynamic reports through the Dashboards tool. All reports are printable and can be exported in PDF.

WIMU Cloud provides predefined reports such as HRV, Steps, daily and evolutionary reports among others. In addition, it is possible to generate fully customizable dynamic reports through the Dashboards tool. All reports are printable and can be exported in PDF.

Reports can be generated in PDF file or a fleet (interactive document).