Saint Louis University of NCAA DI Basketball are enjoying the transition to the new Hudl Sportscode and their video and analytics coordinator David Pavlakovich talked us through the ben­e­fits of work­ing with a more pow­er­ful and intu­itive tool.

When considering the transition from v.11 to the new Hudl Sportscode, the first thing you will want to assess is, of course, the improved functionality and features. For Pavlakovich and his team at Saint Louis, there were a number of factors that aligned with this approach.

“One of the biggest issues with Sportscode in the past is dropping frames during capture and this has all but been eradicated in Hudl Sportscode,” said Pavlakovich. “Also, with v.11, I was always concerned with checking all of the captures at halftime. Hudl Sportscode gives me enough confidence to let it run, so now, I can be in halftime discussions and become a better coach as a result.” 

Saint Louis players Jordan Goodwin and Hasahn French. Credit: @saintlouismbb Twitter.

It’s not just the improved features that stand out at Saint Louis, it’s also generating increased trust between the analysis staff when handling capture responsibilities.

“With Hudl Sportscode, I am completely comfortable letting my managers deal with the capture and all I have to worry about is what is happening on the court,” said Pavlakovich. “It has finally put my mind at ease for capturing. The capture in Hudl Sportscode is so smooth, I'm afraid it's going to steal my girlfriend.”

When touching on the more technical side of the improved software, much-loved features from v.11 such as scripting, output windows, toggles and reports have all had remarkable improvements.

One of the biggest issues with Sportscode in the past is dropping frames during capture and this has all but been eradicated in Hudl Sportscode. David Pavlakovich - Video and analytics coordinator for Saint Louis University Basketball.

“Hudl Sportscode executes high-level scripts almost instantaneously, allowing our coaches to analyze output windows efficiently, it's the perfect opportunity to learn scripting. It will take you and your team to the next level,” said Pavlakovich. “Using toggles for outputs in lineup efficiencies and sets success is even faster in Hudl Sportscode, allowing for quicker analysis.” 

Time-saving is also exemplified for Saint Louis in the crucial stage of reporting, and there’s also one new feature that Hudl Sportscode brings to the table.

“We use output reports for every aspect of scouting, and Hudl Sportscode cuts our time in half,” said Pavlakovich. “We combine all opponent games into one package for these output reports, and with the quicker databasing process, everything is much smoother. The new sorter is great as it makes it easier to label opposing team's sets for these output windows. All I have to do is change the name of the play, and it's ready to go.”

The 10,600 capacity Chaifetz Arena - home of the Saint Louis Billikens. Credit: @saintlouismbb Twitter.

When transitioning to the new software, there is always going to be a learning gap, especially for first time users to the product, which was the case at Saint Louis. Hudl’s support staff made a great impression on Pavlakovich and his team during the education process.

“Support has always been available not only to help with issues I may be having, but to keep me updated on features that will or will not be coming to Hudl Sportscode,” said Pavlakovich. “Starting a program on Sportscode from scratch would not be possible without such stellar support. Hudl offers a level of support unmatched by any competitors and the most important aspect of Hudl and Sportscode is their support.”

David's Twitter: @DPavlakovich

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