Investing in performance technology can often require compromise. Whilst not every club is blessed with the riches of the sporting elite, conflict can occur across departments where budgets are limited. With performance technology, it is important to understand the wider strategic impact and how, when used effectively, the right technologies can provide a significant and meaningful return on investment.

In this series, we review the key areas that can benefit from the effective applied use of performance technology to maximize the return on investment and ensure efficient application across the club infrastructure.

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Performance Analysis

The performance analysis system should include tools and processes that facilitate the successful delivery of long-term strategy.

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Data Benchmarking

KPIs to define success in a certain league can include:

  • Average number of points
  • Goals scored and conceded
  • Goals from set-pieces
  • Expected goals vs actual goals scored
  • Possession
  • Successful passes

Using Wyscout Data and API - a tool that automatically gets event data from a certain set of matches - clubs can create benchmarks of key performance indicators that are required for achieving a certain objective in a certain league or competition - also setting checkpoints and assessing team performances and progresses on a regular basis, making sure that the club is on course with the long-term strategy.

By taking advantage of the Wyscout database, clubs can also extend their data benchmarking to opponents in the same league or different competitions around the world.

Whether their season objective is to win the league or to avoid relegation, clubs can take advantage of the Wyscout APIs and Hudl Pro Services to keep track of their performances from day one, understanding what level of performance is required to achieve that goal in a particular league. This will allow decision-makers to make the correct adjustments as the season unfolds, possibly avoiding late responses to negative trends from some players or the whole team. Other than influencing the short-term strategy, this workflow would also impact the long-term, empowering key stakeholders with the data to back up the decisions made to follow the overarching strategy at the club.

Example of a Performance Tracker dashboard using Wyscout API and Hudl Pro Services

Research conducted by Dr. Alex Bond at Leeds Beckett University identified a strong predictive basis to determine final league position based on actual league position at Round 10, 20 or 30, having significant strategic implications for a club in terms of making data-driven decisions around how likely it is they will finish the season in a certain position.

This allows forward planning based on proven statistical trends where a team knows there is a probable chance of either pushing higher in a league, consolidating in mid-table, or preparing for life in the next division down.

Team Identity

Effectively linking individual development plans with team-based goals and the overarching Team Identity is the key to success. Tracking the performance of the team’s development and setting regular check-ins to refine tactics in terms of team selection, unit development plans and the link to squad planning - plus mid/long-term strategies - give team staff and football management a 360-degree view to make informed decisions.

A critical component in this process is understanding the role that your multi-disciplinary team plays in providing evidence from different perspectives to aid key decision-makers, such as the coaches. For example, overlooking the insights provided by the medical, applied sports psychology and player welfare members can have a significant impact on short and long-term success. The very best leaders find a way of filtering this information into smart, evidence-based decisions that guarantee a competitive edge.

Opposition Analysis

The first step when approaching the next match is focusing on the upcoming opponents; understanding their strengths and weaknesses, and building a strong game plan to gain an edge during the game - ultimately increasing the team’s chances of winning.

The seamless integration between Hudl Sportscode, the Hudl platform and Wyscout allows the coaching staff to watch and code all the previous matches played by the next opponent, creating targeted playlists of video clips and data reports that can then be shared with the players to build the strategy during training and inform player selection. Players can also receive customized clips that focus on their next 1v1 opponent, allowing them to prepare for their individual duels during the match.

FOCUS - The Power of Set Pieces Analysis

In modern football, set pieces have become a key aspect of the game and concurrently one of the most important ways for teams to score goals. As such, analysis around set pieces has become a key pillar of pre-match preparation, with teams spending time on and off the pitch to study these situations.

Tools such as Wyscout Set Pieces and Penalties apps provide additional information for coaches and players to tailor a dedicated game plan for certain situations during the match, increasing the chances of success in such critical moments of the game.

Learn more about how Wyscout can help your team or federation leverage the full potential of set pieces here.

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Live Analysis & Review

Make data-driven decisions quickly with real-time analysis and instant replay, allowing coaches to analyze the action on the pitch as it happens and inform key decisions to counter negative trends or adjust to the opponent’s tactics. Hudl Sportscode has multi-angle video capture and live tagging of events by coaches and analysts, plus importing of third-party data to provide real-time support to the coach and other key decision makers (e.g. medical team).

Combining these tools with Hudl Replay gives coaches and analysts the power to connect during the game, as Hudl Sportscode analysis is shared with every connected iPad. While analysts in the stands can live-code the game on Hudl Sportscode from their laptops, the coach and his staff can assess video and data in real-time on the pitch with Hudl Replay.

Hudl Replay is a great tool for us to detect tactical issues live in-game, and communicate the most important points to the coaches on the bench for review. An absolute game-changer. Lasse Winther Andersen - Head of Scouting, AGF Fodbold

Post-Match Analysis & Review

Video clips and data reports play a vital role in objectively analyzing what happens on the pitch and also assessing team and player performances, identifying what went well and where improvements can be made - both at a team and individual player level. The power of Hudl’s connected suite of products gives coaches the ability to create a tailored team and player reports, linking video to data to provide a 360-degree view of performance.

Post-match analysis also plays an important role in the next game’s opposition analysis, allowing coaches and players to enhance the team’s game plan according to what happened on the pitch in the previous match.

With Studio, a telestration feature for Hudl Sportscode, analysts can now quickly add professional, dynamic drawings and graphics to video clips, making all the analysis workflows much faster and more efficient, also facilitating players in understanding the key takeaways of their performance review.

With Studio, if a coach was doing a one-to-one session with a player and just wanted to add the tracking of one disc on that player or highlight a space, it can take two minutes. Andy Findlay - Senior Performance Analyst, Norges Fotballforbund

Read the full interview with Andy Findlay - Senior Performance Analyst at Norges Fotballforbund here.

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