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Hudl Focus Outdoor Sports Camera

Your fully-automated outdoor camera is here.

Bring Hudl Focus Outdoor to your stadium.

Hudl Focus Outdoor is our fully‑automated outdoor camera system built to automatically record, upload and stream scheduled events.

Automatically follows the play

One-time, simple installation

Record HD film from the perfect angle.

A fully-automated recording solution, Hudl Focus Outdoor follows the action, recording both broadcast and full tactical video angles in 1080p.

Take advantage of complete Hudl integration.

The Hudl Focus app gives you total control of your capture process.

Recording starts automatically based on your team schedule in Hudl.

A direct feed into Hudl Sportscode means you can start your live analysis immediately.

Automatic uploads make your post-game review processes faster than ever.

With automatic software updates, you'll never miss a new camera feature.

Set it and forget it.

The one-time instal­la­tion process means that once it’s set up, it’s ready to record whenever you want.

Hudl Focus camera live stream

Streamline your livestream.

You can send your video to either YouTube or any broadcast software that accepts video through an IP feed, letting you choose who can see the livestream and watch the action remotely.

Add Focus to your lineup.

Contact us to learn how to secure your Hudl Focus Outdoor camera.