In today’s world, analysts have to be able to work and collaborate from wherever they are. It’s no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have for elite teams. And that’s why our team has been working hard to revolutionize the way Hudl Sportscode works so we can meet those changing needs. 

We’ve already added the ability to livestream a capture to other Sportscode users—meaning analysts can live code games even when they’re not at the game. Now we’re making another jump forward with shared timelines.

What’s New

Livestreaming sessions are now collaborative in real time, across one shared timeline. That means multiple users can work on the same shared timeline, at the same time. This is a significant advancement in our efforts to build an advanced remote coding solution.

Clubs and organisations can optimize their resources, reducing the need for travel for analysis staff whilst simultaneously engaging a larger workforce to help impact every game or match. With information traveling from stadiums to multiple home offices and back again, teams can increase their operational efficiency and analytical fire power.

“With our ‘shared timeline’ update to the already popular livestreaming sessions in Hudl Sportscode, we’re taking team collaboration during live game analysis to a whole new level.” said Senior Product Manager Olive Hypolite-Bishop. “Ever since we launched livestreaming earlier this year, our team has been all-in on developing the next big thing for you: collaborative coding on a shared timeline. This isn’t just another update; it’s a major leap in our Pro Suite, offering our users the freedom to code from anywhere—be it halfway across the globe, or on their sofa working from home. The feedback during the beta was incredibly positive, and we’re buzzing with excitement for everyone to dive into this great new feature.”

Here’s the Nub

Each timeline user will need to enable “Shared Timeline” in their preferences in Hudl Sportscode. 

This feature is only available for Elite Licenses. If you’re interested in learning more about this level of Hudl Sportscode, contact our team today.