In 2020, The Hungarian Ministry of Sports rolled out a plan for 10 Elite Academies to establish a base minimum level of proficiency in video analysis. As Hudl has already established itself on the Hungarian market, we were approached by the Ministry’s partners to provide an effective setup to be used at each academy to easily share the feedback with young players using the software used at the world’s leading academies.

The flagship academy in Hungary, Puskas Academy was the setting for our educational event where analysts from across Hungary learned more about the partnership with Hudl, and were given detailed lessons on how to use included software such as Hudl Sportscode and Studio

The Puskas Academy was among the first users in Hungary, and their setup was used as a blueprint for other academies. Some other Hungarian academies had some previous exposure to performance analysis, however, it hasn’t been consistent throughout the country. 

Equipping every academy with the same setup allowed us to provide the same level of education throughout. By doing this we are leveling the playing field and making sure that each academy can grow and develop at the same pace.

Here is a description of what our deal with The Hungarian Ministry of Sports provides: 

  • Provide Level 1 Sportscode Certification to the analysts of the leading Hungarian Football academies as identified by the Ministry of Sports.
  • Establish a base level of performance analysis expertise across all academies in charge of preparing next future Hungarian talent.
  • Hudl has been selected by the Ministry as we managed to establish ourselves as experts in the area of performance analysis in the country.
  • The entire project, which Hudl is a part of, has been designed to drive innovation in Hungarian football and create an early exposure of analysts and kids to modern technology. 

“Video analysis has been an important part of player development and club development in Hungary for some time,” said Hudl Elite Account Manager Pavel Martynenko. “And in 2020, the Minister of Sports realized that this is something that is very important for youth development as well. 

So they decided to include this in the academies deal, as a part of the bigger scope. And for that reason, they decided to establish the same base level of education for better youth development here in Hungary.”

For Angéla Hummel-Schmuczer, who works at Illés Academy as a video analyst for the female teams, the Hudl education event created in Budapest to introduce the software to be used in Hungary was a challenging, but rewarding experience.

“I worked with other analysis programs before, and I didn’t see this Sportscode program too often, so the first two-three days were very hard, because I had to take in a lot of new information, but I feel that I managed to learn the basics, and now I see the whole picture,” said Hummel-Schmuczer.

“The Hudl staff helped me a lot, the presenters were very good and I could ask anything from them any time”.

Gabor Karpjuk, Video Analyst for Vasas Labdarugo Akademia, sees value in this partnership as a long term project in Hungarian football.

“From now on, the infrastructure is provided to every match analyst in order to perform professional work,” said Karpjuk. “Since we already have the hardware and software environment. So we have the Macbooks, Hudl licences, the Sportscode licences, and this is a big step forward in the history of video analysis in Hungary.”

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