We look at the new Hudl Sportscode and discuss the future of high-performance video and data analysis.

To thrive in today’s highly competitive environment of professional sport, we know analysts need their video and data connected in a way that will drive deeper understanding and make it easier for them and their team to take action.

The newest version of Sportscode gives analysts that ability. On Thursday, January 31 we addressed today’s biggest challenges and presented our integration of Sportscode with our full suite of products. Our top minds shared their industry knowledge and predictions for the future of performance analysis.

“Having been at the forefront of performance analysis for 12 years, Hudl is now ready to take Sportscode to the next level,” said Sam Lloyd, vice president of elite sports. “At Hudl we work with thousands of teams and millions of athletes around the world, and we’ve taken everything that we have learned from our experiences to create the next evolution in high-performance sports analytics.”

The livestream has ended, but you can still see what the future holds for Sportscode. 

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