Experience more control over your video with the ability to zoom in on the action.

We know coaches and analysts want the ability to zoom in when reviewing footage, which is why we’ve been testing a new feature to pan and zoom in the Hudl video player. And on 6 Sept. 2023, we released this functionality for all our users. Now you can zoom in on the perfect angle of your video to hone in on the small things, like hand placement or footwork.

How Pan and Zoom Works 

Pan and zoom is already accessible from the Hudl video player on your account. Once you’ve selected the video you’d like to review, simply use the scroll wheel on your computer mouse or the pinch gesture on your computer trackpad to zoom in and out. Then you can click and drag to the right or left to pan around the video. Double-clicking in the video player will reset the view to normal. Check out this step-by-step tutorial to learn more.

Now you can get up close and analyze even the smallest details, from footwork to change in directions at the right moment. Ines Fernandes, Sr. Product Manager, Hudl Focus

Advantages for Every Sport

The new pan and zoom feature will be most valuable during an analyst’s video review workflow, or during review with your coaches or athletes. You’ll be able to catch every detail, small and large, giving you the ability to better analyze performance.


Seeing details when the action is on the far side of the field can be tricky from the regular Focus tactical video angle. The ability to zoom in allows you to clearly see the jersey number of the athlete that took the shot and analyze the quick reaction of the goalie blocking the ball. 


The new zoom function will help you see more detail during rucks and scrums. And panning the video will give you additional positional insights on your own team—and the opposition—when kicking for territory. 


Zoom in on your athletes as they go up for a block to easily analyze which athlete is pressing closer to the net with effective block form, or identify when players are drifting or not closing the block.


Take a clear, close look at your athlete's footwork, shooting form and body position throughout the whole progression of the shot. And zoom in during team film review for a better look at inbound plays on the far side of the court. 

Do More with Hudl Focus

Want to have HD film from the ideal angle for every game or match, without a cameraperson? Hudl Focus can record, upload and livestream automatically. Visit this page to learn more about our smart camera system.

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