Take a look at what’s changed in Hudl Sportscode this week.

We'll be continuing to improve Hudl Sportscode for our users. Here's a look at the latest updates.

Hudl Downloads

You can now use Hudl Sportscode to down­load video from your Hudl library.

Standalone Playlists 

Save your playlists as a stand­alone file, which don’t need the orig­i­nal source files to play.  

Use this link to get the latest version of Hudl Sportscode 12.2.6 (19253).

More Improvements

  • Not sure how to use standalone playlists? Historically, reference files have been difficult to share with others because they'd need the original source files. Now, you don’t have to worry about that—you can freely share files with other staff members.
  • Certain workflows may require reference playlists, and you can choose which file type to save your playlists as. The first time you do this, Hudl Sportscode will ask you to specify whether you want it to be a reference file or a standalone file. Learn more about how to use this new feature.
  • Better integration between Hudl Sportscode and Hudl streamlines your analysis processes. Files that have been uploaded to your Hudl library can be downloaded as a video package directly into Hudl Sportscode. This takes away having to navigate multiple stops to analyze a game or practice.
  • While your video is downloading from your Hudl library to Hudl Sportscode, you can also open up the video package, watch video of the moments that have already been downloaded, and begin your work.
  • Simply access your Hudl library from Hudl Sportscode by clicking on File > Open from Hudl. Check out all the details, including a demonstration, here.
  • Hudl Sportscode now supports Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Korean, Chinese Simplified, Italian and Greek, as well as U.K. English.
  • When capturing from a local device (i.e., AJA U-TAP, Blackmagic or others), you can now select the frame rate from the inspector window. For best capture quality, it’s recommended to select the same frame rate as the source video. 

What's Fixed

  • A bug in playlists where angle information went missing from the Playback tab.
  • A bug that prevented playback hotkeys from working on a database if the video player wasn’t selected.
  • A crash issue when exporting a report for Sportstec Player from the timeline.

Download the latest version of Hudl Sportscode 12.2.6 (19253) now.