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Great news for our Hudl Sportscode users: In the latest release of Hudl Sportscode (12.2.45), you can now download video and data from Hudl League Exchange from within Sportscode.

Download Video Packages

Users familiar with Hudl Pro Suite will be aware that you can access video and data from your Hudl team library directly from Hudl Sportscode.

Now, this option is also available for League Exchange, streamlining your analysis workflow and improving speed to access all-important League Exchange video and data. For leagues with multiple angles of video available, you will be able to see all angles right away in Hudl Sportscode. You can also now queue up multiple games, simply selecting each game and it'll get added to your Progress Queue.

Start Analysis While Video is Downloading

When opening a video package in Hudl Sportscode, you now have the ability to start coding, labeling clips and creating playlists while the video is still downloading, making your analysis workflow considerably faster. And, as the timeline data for the whole game is downloaded first, Output Reports will immediately show data from the whole game.

Access Multiple Leagues

Finally, those who have access to multiple leagues through League Exchange - be it a user's women and men league, a domestic and an international league, or two different youth leagues - can now access all of them from within Hudl Sportscode, making the match selection process much easier and faster.

Access to this feature depends on your Hudl subscription - contact your account manager for more information.

In the latest release of Hudl Sportscode, you can download video and data from Hudl League Exchange from within Sportscode.

Senior Product Manager Prad Patel commented:

“We are pleased to release the open League Exchange from Hudl Sportscode feature which should prove to be another important time saver for our users.

Our product squad also looks forward to further enhancing this feature in the future with the automation of this process.

This would set a trigger to cause games to automatically download when they become available. We look forward to bringing updates on this iteration later.”

Check out our tutorial pages, for a comprehensive guide to this feature