Users can now watch the action back on the angle that works best for them

Hudl Replay users can now watch footage from various angles with new functionality now available.

After working alongside partners from professional football, ice hockey and basketball we’ve created a new user experience that will be a great addition for all users.

You can now view multiple angles in Hudl Replay, and switch using keys or swiping gestures.

See this new feature in action.

To take advantage of this new functionality, start by opening a new capture window in Hudl Sportscode and clicking the inspector icon. Choose the IP feeds you wish to capture and make sure the ‘share with other devices’ option is checked before starting to capture. When you start watching the session in Hudl Replay, simply tap the camera icon in the playback controls to see a full list of angles available, then swipe left or right to find the best angle. It’s that simple.

The addition of multiple angles allows users to quickly find the best angle to give coaches and athletes the information they need to make better in-game decisions.

Following on from further user feedback, the team are now working to make sure Hudl Replay fully supports RTP feeds before the end of the European Football season. The development team is also taking learnings from a successful NHL season to address connection reliability, particularly in large stadiums.

Hudl Replay works seamlessly with Hudl Sportscode, allowing you to keep your workflow within one ecosystem. Simply upgrade to Hudl Sportscode and you’ll be able to begin capturing games and training sessions in multiple angles.

This was one of a number of announcements made at Hudl Presents: Performance Analysis in 2020. Click here to watch.