We’re constantly iterating to ensure our users have the best experience possible in Hudl Sportscode, and we have three new improvements to share: sending clips from output reports to playlists, changing playlist views and switching between timelines.

Send Clips from Output Reports to Playlists

With new functionality in your code window action buttons, you now have the option to send instances directly to a playlist. Previously this was only possible using the flagging feature. With this update, you’ll be able to get insights from your reports into your presentations more efficiently, saving you time and effort.

Change Playlist Views

Your playlist viewing experience got an upgrade. You can now seamlessly switch between Sorter and Organiser views within the same playlist for an even more powerful curation experience.

Switch between Timelines

The timeline toolbar now has more functionality, designed to make your workflows more seamless. When you’re in a video package, you’ll be able to switch between timelines using a new option on the timeline toolbar. You can also add or delete timelines as needed. And now when you launch a video package, the last timeline you accessed will be the first to open.