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Hudl Focus Outdoor Sports Camera
Capture Solutions

Your fully-automated camera is here.

Automatically record, upload and stream scheduled events.

Spend less time on recording logistics and more time on analysis.

Hudl Focus Outdoor overlooking a stadium

Record HD film from the perfect angle.

A fully-automated recording solution, Hudl Focus follows the action recording both broadcast and full tactical video angles in 1080p. The one-time installation process means that once it’s set up, it’s ready to record whenever you want.

“On a matchday, to be able to do live tagging in Sportscode combined with Hudl Focus tactical angle footage is crucial for me so I can provide feedback to the rest of the staff during the game and at half time when I go to the dressing room.”

Eric Kirkevold

Video Analyst, Molde FK

professional basketball hudl use on tablet and mobile

Make Filming Easy with Automatic Hudl Integration

The Hudl Focus app gives you total control of your capture process.

Recording starts automatically based on your team schedule in Hudl.

A direct feed into Hudl Sportscode means you can start your live analysis immediately.

Automatic uploads make your post-game review processes faster than ever.

With automatic software updates, you'll never miss a new camera feature.

Focus Flex

Focus Flex is the only portable camera on the market that’s fully integrated with Hudl and goes anywhere your team needs it. Video captured with Focus Flex auto­mat­i­cal­ly uploads into your Hudl library.

High-performance video and data on one connected platform.

The Football Library

Online, Offline and Real-Time Review

Secure Data and Video Management

Automate your recording process.

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